Personal Digital Asistant

Made by: Rohit Rawat
rohitrawat_2000(a)?yahoodot?com New Delhi, India.





IMP. Note : If you are unable to compile, then check the path in the
argument to initgraph in main().

PDA is a program that acts as your own personal secretary
and mantains records of your appointments and schedules,
displays a calendar and a clock, sets alarms and includes a
calculator - All in a friendly Graphical Interface with
the convenience of operating with a Mouse!

PDA Help - Navigation
You can use both the mouse and the keyboard to navigate in the
application. Just point and click on the buttons with a mouse
or use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select the buttons.
All dialoge boxes can be closed by clicking the cross at the
top-right corner, which responds te same as pressing the Esc
key on the keyboard.

PDA Help - Functions
The main screen consists of the buttons for the various functions.
1 . Diary - This option brings up the appointments manager.
In the appointments manager screen you have the following options:
Today`s-Lists all appointments scheduled for Today
Show All displays all the appointments
Pack old deletes all the appointments prior to Today
Add New adds a new appointment
Delete All deletes all the present and future appointments
Whenever you set an appointment, An alarm is automatically sounded
when the time arrives for that appointment.
2. Calendar : This shows the calendar of the
current month. The current date is also displayed.
3. Clock : This window diplays the constantly updated time
and the date.
4. Calculator : This brings up a fully functional calculator
which can add, subtract, multiply or divide two numbers.
5. Options : Here you can change the various settings of the
program. You can toggle the options of animations and desktop
clock by clicking the buttons marked 1, 2 and 3.
You can change the name by which the program addresses you.
PDA has three vibrant colour schemes to make it look fancier
and to reduce eye fatigue and boredom.

Important notes..
Some Important notes :

Realtime desktop clock : The desktop clock may be disabled
by the user but it must be turned on for the alarm to function.
The ALARM will NOT work if it is disabled!
The first time wizard : This wizard appears when you run
PDA for the first time and stores your name. It is also
invoked when you change your name in options and it automatically
enables the animations and realtime clock.
Pack old and Delete all : These automatically delete your
appointments and are not recoverable once removed,
so use with caution.

About PDA ...
P.D.A. 2002
Copyleft 2002 - Rohit Rawat

This product is licenced to YOU
Contact email: rohitrawat_2000(a)?yahoodot?com
Web : http://rohitrawat.tripod.com/

win class - the GUI backbone of the program.

This class allows you to draw a window on the screen having
extremely close resemblence with a typical Windows like screen.
Once this class is defined, it makes programming in GUI mode
a childs play. It contains inbuilt functions to display the
contents in Windows like manner and to input from keyboard
or mouse via buttons.

You can also download the class separately to create your own programs.

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